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Dr Fabiano Corsetti
Synopsys QuantumWise
Fruebjergvej 3
2100 Copenhagen

Fabiano.Corsetti {at} synopsys.com

About me

I am a scientific software specialist at Synopsys QuantumWise. Before that, I was a research associate working with Peter D. Haynes and Arash A. Mostofi in the Departments of Materials (Theory and Simulation of Materials group) and Physics (Condensed Matter Theory group) of Imperial College London, as well as the Thomas Young Centre. I am interested in large- and multi-scale electronic structure simulations using ab initio methods, mainly density-functional theory (DFT). I was a developer of the SIESTA and ONETEP linear-scaling DFT codes. Other codes I use for my research include: CASTEP, ABINIT, Quantum ESPRESSO, Wannier90, GROMACS, and LAMMPS.

My Erdős number is at most 6, passing through some inspiring papers: 654321. My Bacon number is, as of yet, undefined.




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