Comp. Phys. Comm.

Volume 128, Page 590


A program for calculating photonic band structures … using a non-orthogonal FDTD method

A.J. Ward and J.B. Pendry


In this paper we present an updated version of our ONYX program for calculating photonic band structures using a nonorthogonal finite difference time domain method. This new version employs the same transparent formalism as the first version with the same capabilities for calculating photonic band structures or causal Green’s functions but also includes extra subroutines for the calculation of transmission and reflection coefficients. Both the electric and magnetic fields are placed onto a discrete lattice by approximating the spacial and temporal derivatives with finite differences. This results in discrete versions of Maxwell’s equations which can be used to integrate the fields forwards in time. The time required for a calculation using this method scales linearly with the number of real space points used in the discretization so the technique is ideally suited to handling systems with large and complicated unit cells.



This paper is available as a PDF file.

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