J. Mod. Optics

Volume 48, Page 581


Time-reversal symmetry, microcavities and photonic crystals

G. Guida, P.N. Stavrinou, G. Parry and J.B. Pendry


A new method to describe the emission properties of cavity structures is developed. Rather than solving the problem directly, we start incident radiation from a source outside the structure and record the resulting energy reaching the position of the desired source inside the cavity. reversal symmetry then gives us the emissivity in the chosen direction. Implementation of the approach is very straightforward and essentially requires the calculation of the reflection and transmission properties of the structure. Example calculations of the emission properties in 1D planar cavities presented to verify the approach. Finally the emission from a cavity structure comprising 2D photonic crystals is calculated which shows a significant reduction in wasted emission away from the main cavity mode.




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