Phys. Rev. Lett.

Volume 25, 4773


Extremely-Low-Frequency Plasmons in Metallic Mesostructures

J.B. Pendry, A.T. Holden, W.J. Stewart, and I. Youngs


The plasmon is a well established collective excitation of metals in the visible and near UV, but at much lower frequencies dissipation destroys all trace of the plasmon and typical Drude behavior sets in. We propose a mechanism for depression of the plasma frequency into the far infrared or even GHz band: Periodic structures built of very thin wires dilute the average concentration of electrons and considerably enhance the effective electron mass through self-inductance. Computations replicate the key features and confirm our analytic theory. The new structure has novel properties not observed before in the GHz band, including some possible impact on superconducting properties.

This paper is available as a PDF file [63kB].

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