IEEE transactions on microwave theory and techniques

Volume 47 Page 2075


Magnetism from Conductors,

and Enhanced Non-Linear Phenomena

JB Pendry, AJ Holden, DJ Robbins, and WJ Stewart


We show that microstructures built from non-magnetic conducting sheets exhibit an effective magnetic permeability, meff, which can be tuned to values not accessible in naturally occurring materials, including large imaginary components of meff. The microstructure is on a scale much less than the wavelength of radiation, is not resolved by incident microwaves, and uses a very low density of metal so that structures can be extremely lightweight. Most of the structures are resonant due to internal capacitance and inductance, and resonant enhancement combined with compression of electrical energy into a very small volume greatly enhances the energy density at critical locations in the structure, easily by factors of a million and possibly by much more. Weakly non-linear materials placed at these critical locations will show greatly enhanced effects raising the possibility of manufacturing active structures whose properties can be switched at will between many states.

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