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Ion channelling simulation

Radiation damage simulation: full caption below.

Welcome to the EPSRC Doctorial Training Centre (DTC) for Theory and Simulation of Materials (TSM)

The TSM-DTC was set up with a £6M grant from the EPSRC to meet the national and international need for mathematically strong physical scientists and engineers with advanced skills in the theory and simulation of materials.

The aim of the DTC is to train postgraduates to carry out cutting-edge multi-disciplinary research in TSM. The central theme is bridging length and time scales since the need to bridge scales poses some of the most challenging problems in TSM. Students will be given a broad foundation in theoretical materials physics together with techniques of simulating materials across the wide range of length and time scales that are likely to be met in industrial and academic research. The DTC also runs a number of activities for undergraduates and schoolteachers interested in TSM.

Teachers' Workshop: A workshop on Materials and Climate Change for schoolteachers will be held on Thursday 18 November 2010. More details...

Research Projects: Details of some of the research projects currently on offer to DTC students are available here.

DTC Studentships: At least ten four-year fully-funded studentships will be available for EU students ordinarily resident in the UK for October 2011 entry. These studentships lead to both MSc and PhD postgraduate degrees in TSM. Students with their own funding may apply for places on both the one-year MSc in TSM and the four-year combined MSc/PhD course. More details...

College Open Day: The College Postgraduate Open Day will be held on Wednesday 8 December and there will also be opportunities to visit the DTC in the afternoon. More details...

The DTC is run by academics in the six departments of Aeronautics, Chemical Engineering, Physics, Materials, Chemistry and Mechanical Engineering. There will be close collaboration with industrial partners, with academics from other departments at Imperial College, and with academics from other universities, particularly in London through the Thomas Young Centre (TYC), the London Centre for Theory and Simulation of Materials.

Watch a video of the Director, Prof. Adrian Sutton FRS, talking about the DTC (click here for a low-res version):

Figure caption: the image is of a 1 MeV ion moving left-to-right down a <100> channel in copper, simulated using time dependent tight-binding in a simulation cell of 14080+1 ions. The electrostatic potential plotted in the plane shows a gradient against the direction of motion, indicating a Coulombic drag force on the moving ion.