Statistical Mechanics Course (PT.3.4) 2006-2007

Good luck with the exam today Thursday May 17!

  • The book Complexity and Criticality is availble from the lecture for £ 17.
  • Corrections to book (updated 22.11.2006) pdf.

  • From The Indispensable Calvin and Hobbes, by Bill Watterson, 1992.

    Prof Kim Christensen.
    Imperial College London,
    Blackett Laboratory, CMTH, Room 816A.
    Office hours: Tuesdays and Wednesdays noon-1pm.
    Email: k.christensen at
    Phone: 020-7594 7574.

    Where: Blackett Laboratory, Level 1, Lecture Theatre 2.
    Complete time table for Statistical Mechanics Course 2006 (Excel format).

    Complexity and Criticality 

    Rapid Feedback Sessions
    Where: Blackett Laboratory, Level 1, Lecture Theatre 2.
    When: No sessions remaining.
    Person in charge: Vera Pancaldi (vera.pancaldi at
    Please notice, that the Rapid Feedback Sessions are an integral part of the Statistical Mechanics course.

    Course prerequisites
    The course will be self-contained. The students need only be familiar with integration and differentiation of functions of one variable, probabilistic elements like averages or statistical independence, and basic concepts in statistical mechanics.

    Student on-line evaluation (SOLE) of Course 2003/2004
    The student comments (Excel Document) to the 2003 course. No censoring has taken place.
    The SOLE results tabulated (Excel Document).

    Assessment of students
    May 2007. A written examination of duration 2h. The paper will consist of three sections: A & B & C, each containing two questions. Answer three questions, taking ONE question from section A, ONE question from section B, and ONE question from section C. All questions carry equal marks.